Treatments for ADHD are found in all streams of medicine.


In Allopathy, the effect is seen within hours. Some of the drugs used in Allopathy are given below:



This medicine primarily is used for treating narcolepsy.

The salts present in the medicine have effect on the central nervous system and this reduces the hyperactivity behavior and calms down the child from the irritable activities. Taking medicine while receiving counselling can yield faster results in controlling hyperactivity.


This medicine, ATOMOXETINE primarily cures the attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder. The purpose of the drug is to reduce the harshness of ADHD and bring a person to a calm and peaceful environment.




METHLPHENIDATE medicine cures narcolepsy which is famously known as daytime sleep and also ADD. It works on the is majorly used to cure the narcolepsy which is consider as daytime sleep and also ADD it works on the
central stimulated nerves and has the result of calming the child.



The medicine, METHAMPHETAMINE treats obesity primarily but also aids in treatment of hyper activeness and attention deficiency disorder in children. It stimulates the central nervous system.




The DEXAMETHYLPHENIDATE HCL drug is primarily used for ADHD children and children suffering from narcolepsy . This remedy stimulates the central nervous system .