Ayurveda is India's gift to the world. This ancient science has no side effects and produces medicine from nature. Ayurveda looks at the nature of the body. It categorizes the body by VATA, PITA AND KAPHA constitution and accordingly provides relevant solution from nature.



ADHD has not been referenced as a separate disease/entity in Ayurveda but Charaka Samhita has referred to abnormal conduct which results in currently known ADHD symptoms. Ayurveda considers the cause to be both genetic and environment as well. They display emotional instability, anger, self-ruining behaviour, etc.,

Ayurveda doctors after research suggested that Brahmi, Mandukaparni, and Ashwagandha have ability to control hyperactivity and impulsiveness.


BRAHMI POWDER which helps children focus and improve memory is a good remedy for ADHD. One can take 1 TSP of Brahmi with honey or warm water. It improves brain functioning. It is a perennial herb and is found in wet regions throughout India. Charaka's text has classified Brahmi as medhya rasayana, one which improves memory. Susruta Samhita has suggested that having Brahmi for three weeks will produce strong memory.


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Brahmi neutralizes the effects on vata, pitta, and kapha, but in excess can increase vata. Ayurveda doctors say that Brahmi increases the ability of the child to tolerate stress. Brahmi traditionally has been used in children to treat mental disorders, hysteria and epilepsy. Brahmi strengthens the mind and promotes energy as well as sleep. It treats insomnia and helps with recovery from exhaustion, stress, and vata imbalance.


Academic studies done by the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in India have found reduced hyperactivity in people using Brahmi.



PRANA VATA present in the brain when disturbed causes hyper activity. The child needs to be calmed down. Putting one to two drops of fresh and melted ghee in each nostril twice daily calms down the mind.


Massaging the kids using Almond oil which has ashwagandha and bala herb calms the VATA in the child. The child needs to be massaged twice in a week.

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Massaging the kids with coconut and brahmi oil could calm down the kid.

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