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The fundamental premise of homeopathy is that water holds memory. This is a fact known to Indians from 5000 years. Hence for them, sacred waters are important. Puja waters are important. Pujas done with Sankalpam for someone else have the memory being transferred through drinking of that water. It is the same principle that homeopathy is based on.



CINA is a important homeopathy medicine which is very helpful to the children who are suffering from ADHD. It addresses symptoms like aggressive behavior or grinding teeth when upset or irritated. CINA gives effective cure in minimum dosages.



Stramonium is a widely used medicine because it effectively reduce the violent behavior of the children in low dosages.

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This medicine is mostly prescribed to the children who are afraid of darkness and post traumatic disorder.



ARSEN LOD medicine is majorly used to encourage the balance in the kids, reduce the emotional outbursts and temper tantrums. This medicine also helps in decreasing the frustration caused in the child when he or she is forced to learn new skill.



HYOSCYAMUS medicine is given to children who are suffering from fidget and show high outbursts. It also cures the restlessness in children and make them less hyperactive.



The children who are effected by ADHD can easily get benefits from this remedy. It also helps the children to be calm. It also helps the children who are restless and seek constant stimulation. Regular use of this remedy may eradicate the irritability in children.



VERTAALB is a useful remedy for the children who are suffering from hyperactivity, behavioral problems, temper tantrums,irritability, etc., This is prepared by extract from a plant that belongs to the lilly family .it is the best homeopathic remedy to reduce the hyperactivity in children.