Peer Pressure at School


1. Bullying:

Bullying is common in the school yard. This issues commonly takes place till eight to nine years. At least four out of 10 students experienced or may have participated in bullying in schools in school yards.


Due to this type of atmosphere the child who is always beaten by his classmate undergoes peer pressure and feels frustrated due to bullying and his mind gets disturbed and leads to ADHD.


2. Loneliness:

Making friends is more difficult for some students than others. Some parents start worrying if their children do not have big circle of friends. The research indicates that having a huge circle of friends is not much important.

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And it is better to have a narrow circle of friends with deep friendships. Yet good friends are hard to find and takes more time to develop such friends. As we know that good friendships lead to peaceful minds.


3. Ignorance:

Some children will be intentionally left out or may not be invited to some activities. This undergoes not only in the schooling but also in the society. Not inviting their families to birthday parties or to some functions. This disturbs the child's mind.

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If your child is being ignored or undergoing such fake friendships provide support and encourage him in achieving every aspect of life and divert him on to the studies or some co curricular activities.


4. Gender Bias:

Boys and Girls have to be treated equally in our society. Due to old generation many people are not sending girl child to school or colleges. The girl child is getting married at early ages. This may develop a bad thought in their mind and may lead to peer pressure.


Some places where the girls are given higher priority likely government sector, then that may lead to peer pressure in boys. Mainly peer pressure occurs below the age of 16 years where these people misunderstand friendship. Teasing may occur. This leads to serious issue, so parents should take care of teenagers to avoid such issues.


5. Teasing:

Around the age of ten or eleven, many children start thinking what is cool and what is not. If they don't have the latest gadgets that were used in the movies which they watched yesterday night they will be teased by their classmates.

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Or the costumes on their birthdays or the chocolates that they distribute these all are the causes why the child is being teased and this is the stepping stone for peer pressure. The child starts developing a bad attitude or becomes dull this affects their academic career.


6. Poor Academics:

The child who doesn't perform well in their academic criteria are being excluded and are put aside and their friends or classmates keep on teasing or bullying him may affect his mental behavior.


This should be cared by his parents.