Reader Testimonials from across the Globe:

Since the world consists of more middle class families, most connected to them. The creamy layer didnt respond or give feedback but the middle class gave overwhelming feedback. Many called in and spoke at length saying this is their story.


“ I could see myself in the child's place. Most of the events mentioned happened to me as well. It hurts even now. Hats off to Uma for writing what we can relate to”……………..Raja, Educational Consultant, Vijayawada

“Very well written and researched book. Well Done”- Dr. Vikram, Inspiring Speaker, Bangalore

“I can understand my hyperactive child better now”- Geeta, Mother of Three, Vishakapatnam

“If this has been derived from a real life story, will want to meet this parent once. Every parent should read this and reclaim their children like this parent did” - Sanjay, CEO of Software Company, California

"I felt so much inside the story. It was my story. I did want to know more how he went to where he is today"- Satish, Telecom Company Executive, Lucknow.

"In my childhood, i felt exactly like Mahesh felt. It was so adorable"- Kavitha, R&B Engineer, Hyderabad.

"I was inferior in childhood. I didnt understand why but i understand myself better now" - Guru Charan, IT Professional, Bangalore.

"When the pupil is ready, the Master shall appear"- Gene Sweeney, Patriot, Ex-Veteran, Founder of Sales Intelli LLP.

"If this book alone be a measure, then Uma Desu can be definitely honored as India's Ayn Rand. He has covered not just one but the impact of educational system, inequities, color, race, etc., on the Child. He has delved deep into issues which bother us as parents. Be it Gopal's treatise on Competition or Parents association meeting on Education or Parents gettogether discussing inequities impact on children, he has covered every issue that faces a parent today. He not only shows the impact but he questions the very basis of existence of such inequities. He has written what a six year old kid feels deep inside. It is hard for me to even elicit what transpired in school from my kid and i rarely even go into the depth that the parent Gopal has gone. I do not know how many hundred six years he had to interview to prepare this book, but imagine a six year old speaking to you telling his problems from his sixth year to 16th year. I have not found anywhere across the world a book which talks from the kids angle.

This book if translated into a movie can benefit the whole world. I request the author to please work on a movie. We will be happy to support morally though financially we are just middle class, the language that this book speaks in. It appeals to me. My 9 year old is reading it and the language is so simple that it goes to him. His travails are captured in the Kids Travails. My best to the Author and may he translate this book to other languages"- CM Rao, Sr. Process Automation Consultant, Bangalore, Father of two kids.