A child starts learning when he is in the mothers womb. His learning starts there. Upon coming out, he starts scripting his understanding of the environment by observing. He develops language skills listening to his mother talk. He starts exploring his environment once he starts crawling. He learns quite early for example that crying makes his parents fulfill whatever he wants. He develops that as a habit which sticks with him/her.

Thus, the child scripts his own DNA in the first 1000 days. In these first 1000 days, parents need to ensure that there is no trust deficit wherein starts the first insecurity of the child. Parents need to ensure that the kid at any point of time does not feel unwanted. The kid at no point of time should be facing mental abuse from the parents or any other elder or even pre-school teachers. In current days, the child is being put in pre-schools even at 2 years of age, the age where the child is still ripe. Any mistake at this stage can be a lifelong punishment for the child.

We will explore in this section each stage of the child.