Home Remedies


We can prepare these remedies at home without the involvement or prescription of a doctor. These are traditional medicines which have held sway for hundreds of years.

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Fish Oil contains these fatty acids in Abundance. Serving the child with this oil daily will reduce ADD disorders. Fish oil came into prominence ever since it was discovered that Greenland Intuit residents who consumed these fats had lesser chances of a heart disease.

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Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential requirements for the body and can be found in vegetable oils. Non-essential fatty acids are found in animal fat and olive oil. The oil contains two acids called DHA and EPA. It has been shown in studies that some nuts and seeds can be converted to DHA and EPA within the body.


These fatty acids need to be had in moderation. Higher levels have led to heart diseases. They help in reducing heart disease and cholesterol. Fish Oil thus reduces the risk of heart attack, abnormal heartbeat, and stroke in people who have heart disorders.



Coconut oil is India's staple diet. Used almost daily to apply to hair, it has the added benefit of cooling down the brain.

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Thus it helps in ADD reduction.



The kid needs to be treated with daily healthy home made food and less dependent on toxin filled junk food.

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Parents should offer greens which are good in iron, magnesium and potassium. The food should contain of proteins.



Within the human body, magnesium and calcium need to balance each other, normally in a one to one ratio. Because of less consumption of nuts (primarily due to cost), many people find themselves magnesium and calcium deficient, more so magnesium.

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Parents can soak the nuts overnight and give to children. Cooking green vegetables can also provide these nutrients.



For thousands of years, sesame seeds have had been used to fill the body's metal requirements.

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Zinc absorption reduces impulsiveness and hyper activity. Zinc can also be found in oysters, red meat, pumpkins, etc.,



Iron improves memory and reduces irritability.

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Iron is available in abundant quantity in nuts, beans, amla and oranges.




Music is divine and it can provide soothing experience to the child. Classical music-be it western or oriental relaxes the body. Chants improve concentration and provide recreation. Since it is not stress related activity, the student might be interested in participation.



Ashtanga Yoga has the capability to reduce ADHD effects. It is primarily due to the person gaining control over his body and improved concentration. This reduces toxins, improves focus and reduces stress.

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Pranayama and asanas relax the body and rids of its karmic baggage. It allows one to control emotions and thoughts. This will help in children not having confused thoughts and desires. Meditation is a zero cost method for children. Several studies have shown significant improvement in children who were taught to meditate for some time. Meditation improves concentration which increases self esteem which negates the ill-effects of ADHD.