Over parenting is a term used to describe a situation of being so protective to the children. The over parented child can spoil the entire life due to over protection. They can't even make their decisions own, they drop down their confidence. In single sentence it is defined as the parents who involve more in their children life's for their protection is called as over parenting.


When does it start?

  • Over parenting can start right from babyhood with new born nestlings under protective buggy.
  • Parents start keeping restrictions on them so that they think about their child protection.

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Responsiveness of parents

  • Safe guard and promote the child health, development and welfare.
  • Provide the child with appropriate direction and guidance.
  • Be with your child when he or she needs you.
  • Study you child and adapt parenting to fit him or her.


Myths and realities of over parenting


Myth1: Parenting is a natural thing

Reality: Parenting is not something that you acquire with the birth of your child .it is a process and every parent learn as they go along. Every parent must know that parenting has its ups and downs and it is normal.


Myth2: Disciplined parenting makes you a better parent.

Reality: Following time tables making them to read, out of their interest, not giving time to the co circular activities treating them as robots, giving a burden of our aspirations and making them to be very uncomfortable due to strict discipline ,even they can't speak out their thoughts in front of us loading the aspirations on kids may aches their little hearts .


Myth3 : Preventing your child from struggles or being upset will make you an ideal parent

Reality: If you are exposing a child to a happier world then you must also show him the pain and sadness child needs to understand and tackle highs and lows of their life. your child will develop qualities of resilient and he or she will be stronger in these situations.


How over parenting effects:

  • Over parenting usually stems from a parents desire to manage their own discomfort as they can't tolerate watching their child get hurt fail or make mistake.
  • Ongoing hyper vigilance and overindulgence can have serious consequences such as stunning a child's development and causing a child to become overly dependent.


Stories on over parenting :


Story 1:

Bhargav is a second standard kid ,he had given a home work by his teacher then when he return home after his school her mother turned over his prospectus and made him to write his home work as the problems given by his teacher are very hard to Bhargav so he could'nt solve it .his mother explained him about that problem but he can't understand it and unable to perform it .

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The concern on his son Barghav mother completed his work so he was risk free in the class .as the days passed final exams are turned over then Bhargav studied the entire syllabus given by his teacher but left those problems which he felt difficult .in exams these problems are given with high score,he could'nt attempt those he looses his marks in that exam because of his mother .if he didn't perform the problem her teacher tries to make him understand and help him to get out from the difficulty,due to overparenting Bhargav's mother spoiled his exam.


Story 2:

Supriya is a 11th standard kid ,till 10 th standard she supposed to be at her home and her mother use to tie her hair ,polish her shoes ,iron her uniformand she was completely dependent on her mother when in her 11 th standard she was put in hostel by her parents .


There she cannot dress up properly she use to get remarks on dress,hair, shoes and her behaviour due to home sick on her mother this effects the concentration of studies .this shows how over parenting effects a child in future.