Parenting a ADHD Child

For many parents, they hear the name ADHD first time from the doctor. Though they might have witnessed the symptoms themselves as well, they find it hard to raise children who have ADHD. Many parents are confused and do not understand what to do when they are first told that their child has ADHD. Our website hopes to help you provide info of what has worked best so far and been considered as a practice for parenting.


We will be updating our site addressing all parenting issues. So do keep visiting regularly. It is more tough dealing with hyperactive kids than attention deficit kids. Many parents also get depressed when someone calls them failures at parenting. It can be stressful.


We are here to help. Coming from the experiences of a ADHD survivor, this website is honest in its approach and purpose. We will bring you stories from survivors across the country. Many marriages have broken due to quarrels arising out of stress in bringing up a ADHD child.


Many parents do not realize that ADHD children are unique and that if their enthusiasm can be properly channeled, they become gifted children. Bill Gates to Einstein, the list is huge but all of them overcame ADHD.


Parents need to adopt different approaches to treating children with ADHD. Of course, it can be demanding, stressful and emotional busters apart from blame throwing will be common. If that has happened already in your life, we will help you overcome the same.


Foremost, you need to accept your kid and communicate with him as much as possible. More in coming days and coming pages….