Peer Pressure



We are born free, but we enjoy being free and natural only for the first two or three years of our lives. From about the age of three, the system around us begins to destroy our freedom, to steal our self-esteem, and to condition us to accept the codified world. Insidiously, we are forced to chain our creativity and to hear only one drummer, for free will is the bane of a conditioned system.

Only a few become survivors and manage to rekindle the child within, breaking free and expressing what their hearts say. Often, this results in the finest arts that the world has ever seen for it is the celebration of a hard-won freedom. These survivors become pioneers in society. As to the rest, sadly enough, they keep following the Pied Piper in their peer group.



This site explores the effect that peers may have on a school- going child, and how it shapes his response to the world around him. It traces the way peers influence us from the macro global level down to the level of the nation and further down to our socio-economic context. The inter-connectedness of the world now makes peer influence even stronger. Now more than ever, the peer symbolizes the power of a few over the millions. This is exemplified in the novel titled "THE PEER".