Positive Parenting




Handling children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may be difficult to parents. They may have trouble to communicate or to understand the things. Children with ADHD are hard to catch or to stay in one place. This is a typical challenge for parents to handle such kids.


1. Scheduled Work:

Prepare schedule for daily works like waking up, playing, completing their homework, watching television, co-curricular activities, going to bed etc. Prepare the schedule on a piece of paper or on a white board and stick it on the wall where this kid is sleeping.

If he can't read, yet use symbols to represent these activities. Make sure that his routine is taken care daily.


2. House Rules:

Rules of behavior for family must be made simple, clear and short. These rules should be clear. Paste this paper next to the schedule and must be obeyed by everyone in the family.


The punishment for breaking rules must be declared and it must be fair and consistent and it's important to declare what will happen when the rules are broken.


3. Positive Attitude:

Convey good things to your child and do not share negative things with him/her. Praise them for even regular good behavior such as getting dressed, finishing their home work on time, going to bed on time, waking up early.

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Love them by hugging, tickling them and always reward them for even small thins and make them feel special.


4. Discipline and Accuracy:

Make sure that your kid is disciplined and accurate to his/her work. Look into their eyes, give some instructions and make sure that they complete their work on time. Praise them or reward them for that work.


5. Consistency:

Be consistent and only promise what you are going to deliver. Repeating the direction many times does not work. When your child breaks the rules, warn him in a quiet voice. Even if he doesn't care, then follow the punishment that you promised.


6. Keen Observation:

Observe your child keenly whether there are any changes in him on the implementation of the schedule.

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Be careful with the friends of your child regardless of whether they are friendly or unfriendly. Make sure that he has a good friend circle and be close to you so that he can share any problem with you.


7. Be Helpful:

Help him with his school activities and make sure that he gets dressed well and intakes good breakfast. Meanwhile ,its better for you to get ready his/her school bag with the books, pencils and sharpener in it.


8. Homework Routines:

Pick a good and routine place for doing homework. And make sure that his/her homework is done well with some entertainment in between. Give small breaks in between. The home work place must be away from all the disturbances and distractions like TV, video games etc. Give him the sufficient encouragement to do his homework.


9. Quality Studies:

Focus on effort, not on grades. Gaining knowledge is important rather than gaining ranks. Best rewards can be given for best grades. This can impress them or increase interest towards their studies. Listen to them as much as you can. Try to understand them.