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The Peer is Uma Desu's first Novel. It derives from his own experience as a ADHD Survivor as well as insights from the hundreds of ADHD survivors whom he has interviewed across the globe and from the thousands whom he has interacted with online and on the phone. He has also studied the works of leading doctors and academicians on ADHD, interacted with many of them and learnt. It took him 12 years of research to come up with this book. The Author had to revisit several painful experiences in childhood and also join in the catharsis of other affected individuals to learn from their experiences..

ADHD common causes are known but there is still no established origin for PEER Pressure and social causes. Science has already proved that experiences reshape the Brain. If the thinking of the child is positive, it will be a happy ending. If the child develops a negative-image of himself in early childhood development, his self-esteem declines and reflects in his personality. So Parents and teachers both need to focus on the experiences the child gains in growing up years.

Uma Desu focused on these causes and through the voice of a ADHD kid who is a mimosa, he shows that social causes do cause the symptoms of ADHD. He stringed the stories of several kids into one simple story and through it, he is sharing his research as well exhaustively covering every aspect that parents face.

The novel also highlights the importance of discerning parents who impacts their children very deeply without raising a hand. The Parents teach their children Life Skills which arent taught in schools. They take so much interest in the children's growth. Before every response to a mistake done, they weigh the consequences of their words before they say it. They wait patiently for permanent solutions instead of short-fixes to problems.

The parents teach through their own example the respect that society awards to Integrity and Honesty. In only one thing which like many other parents, they dont take it seriously, they falter and that has effect on the kid's entire life. It takes him almost 30 years to get out of it.

The parents once they come to know about ADHD in their child do all they can to reduce its after-effects. They bring it down to a large extent and help him recover without any doctor involvement.

These parents are the best proof of the wonders that Positive Parenting can do for the children. Every kid will wish they had parents like them who sacrificed a lot to give the best to their children.

The parent instills confidence and learning in the kids and tries his best not to feel them marked by birth in things under his control.

Buckling to Peer Pressure has become common in society today and hence we have little innovation and herdish mentality. The few families that do inculcate individuality and ensure freedom of the child are the parents of world's future creative genuises.

The author will be using the entire revenue of the book proceeds to set up schools for ADHD and special kids. These unconditioned schools he hopes will create Free Thinkers, Innovators and Creative Genuises. In a class of 40, it is impossible for the teacher to recognize and cater to the special child's needs.

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