True Stories


We wish to share some true life instances of peer pressure and the struggles they underwent. We have given below true stories of people whom we all know:


Success Stories

The name Albert Einstein doesn't need any introduction. The Nobel prize winner in physics, Einstein is well known for his theory of relativity and the mass energy conversion formula, E=mc 2. . Einstein's contribution in the field of Quantum Physics is well known.

Einstein supported the civil rights movement and helped open the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which opened in 1925. Einstein loved music and perhaps would have become one if he hadn't come to physics. Einstein's mother played the piano well and Einstein began playing it from the age of 5.

Einstein was a slow learner in talking. He could visualize in pictures but could not get the words through. He had ADHD. He never bothered about his dress appearance even during conferences. His forgetfulness was legendary even in Adulthood. He overcame his ADHD by spending more time in R&D and doing lot of inventions. He found peace in the Upanishads.

Einstein is a prime example of how if one exploited ADHD, it could become a boon not a bane.



Another name which doesn't need introduction, Bill Gates had dyslexia in his childhood. He had difficulty reading in school. Some studies have shown existence of a gene in ADHD children and visible in celebrity ADHDs. It can be called a gift even though this causes the person not to focus correctly.




Globally, Jim Carrey got famous for MASK movie. He is well known for the bountiful energy he carries in his performances. He started with TV and had a break with a supporting role in Batman in 1995. Truman Show got him a Golden Globe for Acting.

Very few know that Jim Carrey carried depression most of the time. He started using Prozac from when it became unbearable. Jim's childhood was ADHD affected. Like many other comedians, Jim chose this field to overcome his traumatic condition. He was a school dropout intending to help his family. He grew up faster than others but was frustrated in a Job. His father losing his job had economic impact on Jim. This caused trauma and Jim got depressed. Jim was angry and desperate and wanted to show to the world. He had a tough time maintaining relationships as well.



Walt Disney made his family name a household name and especially popular with children. He pioneered the American animation industry. He won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations and was presented with several awards.

Disney had interest in drawing from childhood. He took art classes and started work as a commercial illustrator when he was just 8 years old. He moved to Hollywood in 1920s and with his brother Ray set up the Disney Brothers Studio. The Mickey Mouse character gave him the biggest break in 1928. He opened Disneyland in 1955.

Walt's childhood was lonely but colorful since after his mother's death, he spent most of his time in their farm taking care of the pigs. His father did not send him to school. When he did, he dropped out when he was 16.e Walt Disney was a shy, self-deprecating and insecure man in private. Walt's mother passed away in his younger age. So he was cared by his father. His father didn't send him school. He used to take care of pig farm. He did several jobs before he got his breakthrough.

The gap between father and child made him feel lonely and he expected more from others like it was expected of him in childhood. Disney was very creative and could put to paper his thoughts. He preferred to spend his time in drawing. He overcame many things and achieved success in life.