ADHD affects 350 million people globally. The exact reason for ADD is still debatable. While some say it is genetic, others say that it comes in the first three years and the macro-environment plays an important role.


The child gets opportunities to control it if the macro-environment is cooperative. If the environment by squeezes the ADHD child further inside, the child hides his child deep inside himself. Sibling rivalry is can cause the symptoms of ADHD but is not ADHD. The child if affected refuses to move outside of a shell he has built for himself. He knows he will be hurt if he moves out of that shell yet he really wants to break free.


When one has weak self-esteem, it is easier for anyone to exploit his weakness and abuse him. Constant repetition of some words only strengthens his negative self-image. It goes deep into the sub-conscious. Whatever his academic successes, he will have his self-deprecating image of himself always and have weaker self-esteem.


Parents tend to think that classroom issues are between children and do not have any long-term effects, but they are wrong to ignore them. Parents are also afraid that people or doctors might say that they did not bring the child up properly. The child might do well in studies and score high on IQ as well, but he will always yearn to be creative � a part of him which he has shut down now. If parents can open up that door, the kid will be perfectly fine. The kid needs to know that he is capable of something and that will be his strength, not just academics.